Emailing Assignments

When you are emailing a teacher, professor, or any sort of professional, you need to use the proper format. Here are some tips:

  1. Both attach your document as a file instead AND copy/paste it into the body of the email. There is no good reason why you shouldn’t submit your essay in a proper Microsoft Word document. You should also copy/paste it just in case there are file type problems.
  2. Include your name in the document’s name. This makes it easier for your teacher to organize files and recognize which one is yours after downloading. Save your file with your first name and last name followed by a proper name for the assignment. For example, Mr. Devin would save his file as “Devin Ozdogu Romeo & Juliet Essay”. Don’t be surprised if teachers ask you to resubmit files that have vague names such as “Paper”.
  3. List a proper subject that explains what the email is about. If you are emailing your final draft, an appropriate subject would be “Devin’s Final Draft of Stranger than Fiction Essay”.
  4. Include appropriate instructions or a message in the body of the email. It doesn’t have to be long. A simple sentence stating that it is a final/rough draft and the document is attached will be sufficient. Leaving the body blank is tacky.
  5. Use academic English instead of slang or text-talk. Keep in mind, you’re writing to a professional, not your bff.
  6. Get a GMail account. Certain email providers maybe blocked on campus. Furthermore, Google products are very student-friendly. Did you know that Google allows you to share a document, and multiple people can collaborate on one digital text at the same time?

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