What is a Thesis?

A thesis is a one to two sentence answer to your essay question. Find your essay question right now. Your answer should be as specific as possible.

Your thesis is the guiding principle for your essay. Everything (and I mean everything) in your essay should support the argument you make in your thesis. Think of the thesis as the short answer and the essay as the long answer, both to the same question.

In general, a good thesis should contain the following elements:

  • A clear answer to the question stated in the assignment
  • Mention of evidence that supports your answer

In the example below, the clear answer is in red and the mention of evidence is in blue.

As Scout grows up, she becomes more empathetic. As she gets older, she becomes better at understanding what others are feeling.

A more complex thesis should have the following components:

  • Name of author
  • Title of text
  • Description of the author’s main theme/message
  • Explanation of WHY the author is communicating this theme/message
  • Explanation of HOW the author communicates this theme/message in the text

In the example below, the theme/message is in red, the WHY is in blue, and the HOW is in purple.

Through the use of alliteration and end rhyme, Robert Frost emphasizes the temporary nature of beauty and innocence in “Nothing Gold Can Stay” in order to convince his readers to appreciate that beauty and innocence while it lasts.



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